Sonny at the Edge

August 1, 2015

Sonny thought around rough
edges to note discrepancies…
watched the progression
of a wasp without antennae
navigate a window latch…
watched hermit crabs
lug their conic shells on
rubbery fronds of kelp.

He’d count the seconds between
cresting of gray-green waves…
stride their white frothed edges
then recoil as churning wash
pulled at his skinny legs.

With driftwood wands…
one morning…he gouged
a labyrinth of squares
then crouched in its center
expressionless…a sphinx…
gazing at hissing breakers
as they advanced…inexorable
to breach his frailty.

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by John Cox

Prompting of the Now

July 25, 2015

dali head-bombarded-with-grains-of-wheat-village-of-cadaques


I think in portioned harvest
gleaned from sustaining waves
of teemed fish-ed sea and stiff
stem seed-ed fields of now’s
swift  impression…all…all image
destined straightaway for decline
in my tissued memory.

I touch instants with my fingers,
hold the seconds of encounter
with dimensional perception
of rough smooth…warm chill,
and I calibrate distinction without
looking for some vast dimension…
for I seek a sensate knowing now
acquaintance with my world.

I command the moment…adjust
choirs of sound…salt sweet sour the
taste within my mouth…and withdraw
to dream sleep quietus until morning’s
promptings of the now.


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Salvador Dali

Thinking Mobius

July 21, 2015

Thinking Mobius…and
Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
ends of being and ideal grace
all…at the same time…
synapses firing in my brain
glister sparked like fireflies
seeking instant satisfaction
in dark recess evening trees
of acrobatic whimsy stretch.

I’ll slide idea surface in my
playland mind around around
until sheer dizziness…or boredom
spins me tumbling from the loop
abrupt to contemplate a stop…
that Mobii don’t merge unless
they’re quantum…linear
equations in a genius mind
primed to such disintegration.

I’ll think integral…especially
not damaged…be complete…
and lacking nothing…content
and undiminished…and…

Bonnie Marshall

Sculpture: Instituto Nacional de Mathematica
Pura e Aplicado (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


July 18, 2015

viling ship artwork by n c wyeth

is…sail bellied
time rush
keeled beneath
jade parting waves

is…chill breeze oiled
sardine strong
in fuse-ed
in a gray of fog

is…seagull adagietto
throated floated
oblique falling
portent through iced air

is…distant wavebreak
crash on eroding shore
incremental fading

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by N.C. Wyeth

Homage to Poetry

July 11, 2015

bread and match

I shall not conjure you

into a summer’s day

nor to a winter’s night

for you are chance and timing

the missing puzzle shape

to fit wholeness in my life

essential as a fiddle

for bluegrass in a barn

or yeast to flour

to blossom warmth

and leavening for rise.

Bonnie Marshall

Painting by Koshiro Onchi

“Bread and a Match”  (1948)


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