Old as Testosterone

Artist: Malcolm Farley

Old as Testosterone

Old as testosterone
is a desire to score…
fist pumps and high fives
for baseballs hit beyond a fence
or pucks into a net.
Old as testosterone
is a desire to bond…
where players hug
or belly bump…butt smack
or win team smash.
Old as testosterone
is that desire to win
with degree that terrifies… 
street games to gangs
or computer games to drones
or football games to war.

Bonnie Marshall

2 thoughts on “Old as Testosterone

  1. i thought i’d go back in the blog’s archives to read the very first posting, and how serendipitous it is to find this poem on super bowl weekend! of course, the poem explores how testosterone affects men in more activities than football. the poem made me see the relationship between the hormone and “bonding,” which often seems to lead to physical expressions such as belly bumping and butt smacking that verge, ironically, on homosexuality. the poem also makes the connection between males and many types of violence. it reminds me of the recent “cowboy” takeover of the wildlife preserve in oregon — men talking tough and flaunting their guns (oh, god, freud was right about some things) while the “womenfolk” worked in the kitchen. so how do women abide?

    1. I’m pleased you found this one. Very. When I reread my early poetry, I’m tempted to rewrite it, yet no. There’s truth here I won’t tamper with…at least now. I value your touching it with your intellect and time. Smiles…

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