Without a Window Curtain

I love working here

Without a Window Curtain

Hesitation…last cautious moment 
  before I commit to “Publish.”
I asses the risk of openness,
  and costs of minor revelation.
There before me in my line of vision
  is the familiar Apple icon
    that brought on this apprehension.
It is the impetus for thinking,
  that when brash, impulsive Adam
    relinquished Eden…and anonymity,
     more was lost than ever gained.
Then through an open window
  I hear a J. S. Bach concerto
    played by a nearby neighbor
      who loves Bach as much as I.
It interrupts my spiral
  of dismal introspection
    and paranoiac wondering.
I listen to the order of the chords,
  as Bach’s authority and balance
    gradually restore my confidence 
      that authority and balance are achievable,
        and that not to risk is to lose identity.

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