Either Way…

Birthday, Cake with candles

Either Way…

 Blowing out flaming bits of wax on a cake,
    now that’s ridiculous.
Go ahead and snuff out all those years. 
   Good riddance.
Not enough breath?  Too bad.
   Now you won’t get your wish.
How about…something different…
   something like a hope cake…
There are no candles. People take turns.
Birthday boy says something like,
   “I hope all the gifts you gave me are expensive.”
So on down the line…
   “I hope you forget I owe you twenty bucks.”
   “I hope you forget I called you a jerk, even though you are one.”
   “I hope you know I love you.” 
 It could end up all teary, or in a food fight.
Either way…

Bonnie Marshall

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