Lost and Won

A Little League baseball player squares around...

Lost and Won

Close calls. Errors.
So they lost the game.
Brave smiles. Hand bumps.
“Good game,” down the line.

Parents know the drill.
“Get ’em next time, Tiger.”
“So, are you hungry?”
“That play at third was close.”

Coaches know the odds.
“We need taller pitchers.”
“Not bad for ten-year olds.”
“Fifth inning was a killer.”
“God, those kids have heart.”

Yet, they played more than baseball…
they played timidity and risk
indifference and commitment,
and cowardice and courage.

Kids…parents…coaches… knew
there was an incremental lost and won
that wasn’t on the scoreboard.

Bonnie Marshall

3 thoughts on “Lost and Won

  1. My son has decided to swap football for computer gaming this year. He does’nt have a problem with that but I will actually miss it. A strange sort of watershed in our lives.

    1. Since he’s played football…it’s a life skills vaccination. He’s “good to go.” Now you may have to wait for grandchildren. Thanks for spending time in maxadaland.

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