From Bonnie’s Gnome…

gnome7.jpgA few days ago Bonnie just took off…went hiking in the woods to compose herself. It seems that a fine writer, Michael Fedison at, nominated her for The Versatile Blogger Award * and that sent her…all very grateful…into one of her dithering tizzies. So while she’s gone I’ll pay it forward for her. She started a list of bloggers whose posts are so good that I’ve seen her look up from her computer to catch her breath and stare at the wall. She was clear about saying that if they didn’t already have a Versatile Blogger Award she hereby nominated them.

About Bonnie…you may have noticed she’s afflicted with ellipsis. She tells me it’s where her poems breathe…where she voices a poem.  Also about her, she’s mostly shy, although I can tell you that she’s right there in her poems…how she fell for the boy next door and that they raised strong children and all love each other.  I can tell you she watches many of the same movies over and over again…all of James Goldman’s The Lion in Winter and Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon and Steve Gordon’s Arthur…and the last scene in Norman Jewison’s Moonstruck where the Castorini family sits around a breakfast table and…no….you watch it again…or better than that…watch it for the first time.

* Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award: Display the award on your site. Thank You and Link Back to the person who nominated you. State seven things about yourself. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award. Notify those fifteen bloggers.

Found Out

Found Out

Only way I could enter
was to duck under
the painter’s ladder.
I hesitated…unsure…
yet in a hurry.
“Yer, superstitious are ye…almost done.”
 “I’ll wait.”
I knew in his profession
he’d met believers like me…
…like my Irish Grandma
who taught me tiny hexes
bewares and not-to-dos
involving hats on beds
counting magpies
combs on the ground
and scattered tea leaves.
I loved her.
Now I wear Old Country wisdom
as amulets and charms
invisible and secret
except on those occasions
when I’m found out
by painters on high ladders.

Bonnie Marshall