Counting Ten Billion Stars

Counting Ten Billion Stars

When astrophysicists explain
infinities of space,
they enter into realms
cryptic and consequential
as transcendent faith.

It’s as if they are describing
the color lilac
to someone blind since birth
as an essence to intuit
from the dense fragrance
in a lilac’s bloom.

I read their estimation
that for every human being
ever living on our Earth
there are ten billion stars
in the universe.

This could be wrong.
The numbers could be off…
a billion here and there.
Of course, I cannot see my stars
there in the dark night sky,
yet I sense their essence
so distant and profound.

Bonnie Marshall

5 thoughts on “Counting Ten Billion Stars

  1. Very true… We cannot count the endless galaxies and stars but we always sense their presence 🙂 u have got a nice new blog theme

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