Rebellion of the Rug Mice

Rebellion of the Rug Mice

I heard skitters on wood floorboards
so faint…barely perceptible
there in the still winter cabin
I stopped reading…slowed breathing…
listened…there again…
the scritching
I recalled then… 
the nibbled edges on a book…
faint yellow staining
on the kitchen window ledge
should have brought the cat
a flicking on the floor…
there they were
…the two of them…
smoke-smudge gray
against confetti colors
of the braided rug
wind rattled chimes upon the porch
logs in the fireplace sparked…
I could have thrown my book…
instead I ceded them the field
…companions for the night…
for I had no lust for the death
of their outrageousness

 Bonnie Marshall


One thought on “Rebellion of the Rug Mice

  1. oh I do that too 😉 Am sure, I ‘ve heard them at nights when am reading alone in my room, but let them stay, not for the company, but due to my laziness 😉

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