Not Like the Others

Credit: Mary Reed

Not Like the Others

Some  people are recognized
with just one famous name,
like Mozart… Picasso…Einstein.
Mere mention of those three
in a single line of print
tweaks thought logically,
for each one takes a thinking space
where in less than a second
we judge the fairness* of their fame
for being  one-name known.

Yet when some read
there is a momentary  glitch,
for one name has addenda…
postscripts…and strong attachments.
Footnotes are terse…statues tumble…tempers flare.
There are sneers and hairy eyeballs. **

Everyone sing now…“Sunny day  sweepin’ the clouds away…” ***
Logic is restored.

Bonnie Marshall

   *  Yes…life is not fair.
**   Hairy eyeballs happen…try squinting.
*** Sesame Street warped my mind.


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