Crones Tell Me Wonders

R. Pico

Crones Tell Me Wonders

Crones tell me wonders
of times they were near death
womb warm…light beckoning…
followed by harsh second birth
to awareness of pain flashes
and return to gray unfolding.

Crones tell me of their dreams
for they dwell often there.
Then… like returned travelers…
they recount amazement
of places they have been.
“I dreamed happy babies
invited me to dance.”

Her voice trailed thin laughter.
“What do you think of that…”
She wasn’t questioning…
just gazing past me…reflective,
mind back into that world.
“How lovely it would be…”
Reflection then…was mine.

Bonnie Marshall

4 thoughts on “Crones Tell Me Wonders

  1. I love, love everything about this, Bonnie…I’ve been encouraging “age pioneers” since it became imperative to give voice to the process and then someone stopped me in my tracks saying…”I don’t think so…pioneers had to work too hard”.
    There is a mystery and grace to aging beyond the collective consensus that you’ve layered upon layer here in this sweet piece. The picture is awesome too. ooo la la!

  2. Some of the crones I have known should be designated National Treasures. I seem to remember that there is a tradition for this in Japan…and speaking of treasures, I respect and appreciate your comments…and most certainly your poetry.

  3. I love these lines, Bonnie: She wasn’t questioning…
    just gazing past me…reflective,
    mind back into that world.
    I love the other-wordliness in this description…

  4. These amazing women slip between worlds at times…and a few time travel back to their youth. Remember when your children were little and you tried to imagine what they were experiencing? Thank you, Sally.

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