Lunar Rorschach

Full Phase Moon
Credit: Museum Victoria

Lunar Rorschach

Moon watchers in Buenos Aires
Southern Hemisphere
imagine a minstrel
sitting on a rock
hatchet poised…menacing
a hatted chicken
…or fowl of some sort…
with an imp upon its back
to freeze frame hacking doom…

Shift one-eighty
to a Northern Hemisphere
and a hill in Nova Scotia.
The Moon’s image changes.
There imagination flips
an emoticon in space
…wide-eyed gaze…
to become a rabbit
long-eared and askew
a stare…a distorted hare…

No matter…
for I’m a Pollyanna
so I’ll bask in moonbeams
thrill to the pulse of tides
think gibbous is a funny word
know gravity…is grace.

Bonnie Marshall

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