Worlds Traveling

passportI’ve heard Scots witches chanting,
survived a Bermoothes shipwreck,
smelled the reek of battle gore
at Agincourt.
I’ve…watched players play
The Mousetrap one still cold night
in Denmark…
and I’ve circle danced
while Titania’s elves and faeries
sang lullabies in an Athens grove.

I’ve souvenirs…
a simple balance scale
glass vials
lace handkerchief
and once…from Egypt
a covered basket
brimmed to the top with figs.

Bonnie Marshall

3 thoughts on “Worlds Traveling

  1. Oh, this is lovely. I love the idea that we are transported to different places and different times by the literature we read. (And it’s so good to know my years studying Shakespeare were not in vain!)

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