tipping places

symphony wine

like the first sip of a Napa cabernet
that slips along the taste
velvet cherry berry sauvignon
held…then advanced to the blood
for lightening in the brain

like Tilson-Thomas leads
an orchestra…he knows how
to gather feelings in his hands
shape space between moments
soar with strings…lull with violas
pare flutes…slide arpeggios of cellos
then last note…hush…applause

tastings and…finales
that was this…now it’s that
the wine…the symphony
transporters…tipping places

bonnie marshall

3 thoughts on “tipping places

  1. Bonnie, I love these lines: “…he knows how/ to gather feelings in his hands/
    shape space between moments…” I see the conductors hands and feel the power of his influence.

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