winter solitaire

once upon a zero day
bluster ice slick
secluded him inside
an introspective mood…
indecisive as the rain
to be sleet or snow…

he cursed everything
to numb his mind
from thinking…
hot chocolate burned his tongue
wool slippers ate his socks
a lock of gray hair kept falling in his eyes

then as he paced his limits
he surrendered…chose Gershwin
…Rhapsody in Blue…
brought a clasped journal
from it’s shelved hiding place
then…he browsed for her
searching with his fingers
for her words’ fragrance
to lift from paper sheets

Bonnie Marshall

Photographer: Albert Mohler

6 thoughts on “winter solitaire

    1. I’ve never written about anyone I didn’t like…except, at the time…my ninth grade Latin teacher…now I realize the gifts she gave me. And the gift of your comments and reading, Jana, I value so much.

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