to be unafraid of stars


at awareness brink
I listen to a deep sky sound
or some approximation
as pretending makes it so

just a simple muffle…
hands cupped upon my ears
to mimic cosmic waves
where stars hiss soft white noise
through a time brink tipping place
where…if there were air… there’d be
a blast and clank and clamor
of universes borning…dying

for there… no stars do masquerade
to twinkle…twinkle little
star light, star bright, first star
hopes and fears of all
the years are met in Thee tonight

no matter…
for I shall listen deeper
to hear my core blood pulsing
base elements…rare minerals
for water earth wind fire
that blast and clank and clamor
of always brink existence…
and I shall find the wisdom
to be unafraid of stars

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Gayle Hartman

9 thoughts on “to be unafraid of stars

  1. brilliant, Bonnie, brilliant: especially the ‘awareness brink’ which fulcrums between inner (‘core blood pulsing / base elements …’) and outer universe rendering both un-relative … brilliant; twinkling, even

  2. Bonnie, apologies for being so late in getting to your poem. I saved from this morning when I was bleary-eyed and answering emails of my own. I loved the way you were able to interweave the star homelies together and overall I loved the thrtust of the poem. A pure pleasure to read. >KB PS: I’ve been playing around with recording my poems would you like to hear one? I would have to send it to your email which I can get off of the comments. I have Mystery Poems set tyo Music..

  3. just listened to this … love how your verse slips a notch into other verse-song; something i do in the unpublished Astaire work also: but the pitch and grasp and compassing within this poem is gorgeous.

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