choir breathing


I taste complex voices…in a choir
sopranos…are Pippin apples…kiwis…and champagne
altos… damson plums…bing cherries…Pinot noir
tenors… are clover honey…hard cider…butterscotch
and basses…dark cacao…English walnuts… and bock beer

yet I hear a simple heartbeat…in a choir
when directors shape voices with their hands
to breathe in…all pulses quicken
to breathe out…all pulses slow
to find a breathing synchrony
approximate to one

Bonnie Marshall
Intriguing fact…choir singers tend to synchronize their heartbeats,
especially when they chant.

Artist: Vittorio Losito

14 thoughts on “choir breathing

      1. i think i experienced that at the service for my mother; we sang “love divine” and it was like being at sea.

  1. I read once that storytellers in oral culture were skilled in entrainment. It’s helped people remembered the story or information being passed on. Not at all surprised about a choir synchronizing. Wonderful post!

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