simply Simon

Paul Simon

drums announced his entrance
to that buoyant, restive crowd,
with compelling waves of sound
that swept breathing
in the moment’s undertow…
then an upwelling pulse
when players on that stage
felt for the resistance and the edges
and the limits in the score
to push their stroking strumming
drumming swaying cadences…
spread their inebriation
beyond the stage’s brink

then…simple…he sang pathways
of soft strummed heartbeat lyrics
in liquid passioned songs
that fell an easiness…
like clear stream water
over rounded stones

Bonnie Marshall

8 thoughts on “simply Simon

  1. I hear the oddest of echoes here ;”my body is a pebble to them. They tend to it as water / tends to the pebbles it must run over / smoothing them gently.”
    That is not germane to this gentle, quiet, attentive poem, unless you tell us so.
    (the lines cited are from “Tulips” by Sylvia Plath and are from memory — I may have them wrong)

  2. Oh how well you have described Simon’s soft style. Liquidity over rounded pebbles. I can hear him in my mind from this, see his lips croon gentle waves while all listen and are taken away to his world. He would love this poem.x

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