keeping maidenhair

gingko woman

leaves…twin globed to flutter restless
on long stalks…on tall trees
…and they’re double named
ginkgo biloba…maidenhair
and they…the leaves…
make magic tea
that clears memory…
blushes energy

their fossil timelessness
autumn saffron yellow
never changes…never
for three hundred million years
more or less…
before blossoms
and butterflies
they trembled…restless
on disturbed soil
edging ancient streams

I press them between pages
…scorn evolving rose…
scatter them on tablecloths,
path them golden ‘round a door,
gather branches in a jar as…
they are for keeping.

Art by Alexander Antonyuk

Interesting…the ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree, is a living fossil, similar to fossils dating back 270 million years.

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