seeing shadows

sun shadow

I see your shadow…slant
in the morning
behind picture frames
in the front hallway
by our busted door…
then find you stuck
in envelopes…torn…
with no cards inside
beneath our dresser drawer…
think I hear you shout
to me…in afternoons
just as geese fly arrowed
toward the town…
then…near bedtime
I sweep your slippers
from underneath our bed
and wrap my toes
in emptiness

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Philip Koch

16 thoughts on “seeing shadows

  1. I’ve read this three or four different times, Bonnie, and then finally listened to your voice recording…on the stage of life.
    It gets deeper and better for me each time. Ever think of writing a play?

    1. I appreciate your reflections, Jana, so very much. About the play writing…depends on the “let’s pretend” when I was a kiddie…and a few screenplays that are taking up room in a file. Smiles.

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