yes…that honey warm
Fabritius goldfinch
of the two…
there on the right
with wings sun flecked
scarlet feathers on its head
it’s the pretty one…isn’t it
that looks at us inquisitive
cocked head…keen eyes
its golden aura ages smoldered
near fireplaces smoking heat
and men tobacco puffing
windows open to pull draft
and larks upon their lawns
and mockingbirds calling
in Delft evening shadows…

oh…that chill one
there on the left
restored by careful hands
with cathartic solvents
to his original intent
there…it’s thrown shadow
holds my glance
to its light source
and whitewash glare
and dull brass box
and claws that grasp a rail
and a chaining…
Oh…Christ…not chains!

Art by Carel Fabritius (1622-1654)

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