magnetic north


my thoughts wind
a turning country road
for I am done with thoroughfares
and highway thinking
as a prairie sea on either side
and all around
floats barns and houses…
and low hills crest industry
and I walk October wisdom
in plowed barren fields
along this narrowed path
to breathe…and breathe…and breathe
to clearness…and to trust…
instinctual…a compass rose
compelling me to follow love’s
true magnetic north of uncertainty

Bonnie Marshall

Art by John Roush

21 thoughts on “magnetic north

  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    I have re-posted several ob Bonnie Marshall’s poems before. This I think thus far is the best. There is a quiet urge totake the next step in her work. Sometimes she lets us in the mniddle of a thought and takes out again to finish the thought ourselves. Ordinarilly that might be dysfunctional. But in Ms. Marshall’s style it is refreshing. A poetry that allows the reader to hang on every word and be allowed to imagine for themselves what she sees. >KB

  2. Absolutely perfect – effortlessly evoking prairie’s spell. Thank you for the silly smile and warm embrace of inexplicable connection. You cast prairie dust over tonight’s dreams 🙂

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