prayer to a descant voice

Klimt Poet

muse… voice me
to descant…to counterpoint
like champagne bubbles
that float to surface mirth…
or…like grace note birdsong
that lifts invisible in space
and patterns all the air

muse… wrap me
with silk-sashed clarity,
lace me in symbols shining
‘round my edgings…plain…
slipper truth upon my feet,
enclose me in brocades
all with braided syntax and
embroidered eloquence…
for then you…oh, descant
will be my constant muse
and I your semblance ever

Bonnie Marshall

Artist: Gustav Klimt

Just for descant fun…

“The Humming Chorus” from Madame Butterfly by Puccini

7 thoughts on “prayer to a descant voice

  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    Bonnie Marshall continues to write delicate poems that are like fine porcelaine figurines the seem as if they would break if touched but have a strength beyond appearances. Please direct your likes and comments to her sight. >KB

  2. Hi, Bonnie, I am a friend of KB. Not a poet, but lover of. poetry. I am grateful to him for sharing your beautiful poetry.This piece is so fragile, diaphanous, soft, like the cultural process of tenderly adorning a bride for her bridegroom. I thought as I listened to your reading, that it just might take to wing and fly away. More, please, to soften this harsh, abrasive world we live in. Thank you.

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