in this migration


not for the herd, I
sit at the back of rooms
gaze through windows
during lecture
in auditoriums
sit near exits
or lean against the wall
knowing center
is for safety…
that on the edge
is vulnerable
for the weaker…older
of the species
who trail the herd
breathing dust
sensing hungry lions
hearing distant thunder
yet, it is enough…
where I have been
in this migration
for one last gathering
to uncertainty

Photographer: Bonnie Cheung

8 thoughts on “in this migration

  1. I was sitting here thinking of your words as I listened….
    and I wandered to the edge and back, I have always been in migration of a Solitaire…as I usually hear or see in reading what others don’t…
    I always sit in the very back against the wall…
    I like this…as your voice gives it life, and I heard the distant rolling of that thunder…
    I am glad to be not of the herd…
    Beautiful Bonnie….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. and I love your photo…it made me think of a leap of faith to take the path less traveled 🙂

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