Exotics Under Glass

flower house

breathe orchids’ breath
in a greenhouse
where fans whisper
in corners…misty
drifting scents of
evolving from Triassic
pinned scientific to a page…
as cymbidium and laelia,

watch lizards dart
erratic on fir shred…
diminished reptile traces
evolving from Triassic
they gorge stinging bee,
and armored beetle….
instinct killers pinned
scientific to a page
as iguania, gekkola,
and komodo

breathe and watch
in a greenhouse
evolving from Triassic
scientific to a page
oh…primate, hominidae
and sapiens

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Eric Ravilious

8 thoughts on “Exotics Under Glass

  1. I really liked the line, “evolving from Triassic” for some reason 🙂 It’s sad that some people will never believe in dinosaurs!


  2. As always, I find your poems so wonderfully evocative. And you always nail it with your accompanying illustration. Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed the connection to the Triassic foundations of our present environments and the understanding science has imparted. Without it, we would still believe all these things just came from nothing.

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