quick bright things

boy e g

quick bright things
compel our thinking
from outside in
to inside out…
revealing implication,
like apples ready dropped
and gravity impelled

they slip receptive
in our mind from
this is that
to that is this…
like prism shades
from sunshine rain
that arched our knowing
a frequency in stars

we think quick bright
now this…then that
outside in to inside out
like breathing,
revealing implication
life is a quick bright thing
this world then to next

Bonnie Marshall

Artist: El Greco, 1570
“Boy Lighting Candle from Embers”

10 thoughts on “quick bright things

  1. Love the rhythm of this poem. It seems to capture the spirit of the words–quick bright things. Well done.

  2. You go from strength to strength, Bonnie; this one so lovely it breaks and re-breaks my heart; your balance, your poise, your Yeats-like, short, quick rhythms, bearing much freight.

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