Window Shop on Stanyan Street

window shopping

window shop
where hand strung crystals
spark in storefront windows
go in…buy anklets, bracelets
to tickle on your feet
distract your wrist and neck
it’s easy

to window shop
where gardenia scented candles
lift their tropic velvet
through wide open doors
go in…buy presence
to smolder by your bed
it’s easy

to window shop
where copper chimes
breeze strike in doorways
to pale blue notes…
to silver…to vermillion
go in…buy their harmonies
to charm within your ears
it’s easy

to walk by windows
indulge the beckoning
of crystals, candles, chimes
distraction, presence, music
go in…it’s so easy
to buy remembrance

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Nancy Franke

8 thoughts on “Window Shop on Stanyan Street

  1. Nice feel. It reminds me of walking through the shops of a small town I used to live in near Mystic, Connecticut.

      1. It was nice. But ultimately, every paradise has its devil. Ours was a nearby nuclear power plant.

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