moaning of the turtle



jarred honey caught her musing
its nectar gold reflecting sun
there on the kitchen table…
routine of the house,
placed for breakfast,
one with bee murmur
somewhere in the walls
somewhere with disconnect
to sting …that sweetness
to flash her thought
to twelve-year girlness
on a pond path to the hives
for honeycomb…

she’d spied turtles mating
bright yellow spotted black
there at the shore edge…so
she watched their coupling
ungainly…female intent
on beaking sedge into her maw
oblivious to male’s mounting
struggle to grasp her for his need
moaning rhythmic breath bleed
air… for the intersect

still…in a morning mood
she fingers honey sweetness
to her tongue…tasting music…
blending turtle moaning memory
with bee hum in the walls

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by David M. Carroll

15 thoughts on “moaning of the turtle

  1. Love it Bonnie… Especially the “bee murmur in the walls.” Once, sitting at my desk, honey dripped from the ceiling…drip drip drip

    (I think you forgot the “like” button!)

  2. your poem unfolds a memory for the reader. it’s interesting how it has a the structure of a frame. it begins in the present, takes us to a memory, and then returns to the present and again the sweetness of honey. what a lovely mood you’ve conjured..

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