Love Descants

flash flood

flash flood

there is heartbreak ache
in tears welled fresh
from thought somewhere
runoff from distant storms
in emotion mountains

they carve new span
through hidden caverns;
wash incremental steep
to eroding cliffs…
flash flood remorse
to swell with longing

Bonnie Marshall
Art by S. J. W. Grogan

Words for Snow

I love you.
No you don’t.
You mean affection,
or warm regard,
for love is unthinkable
with one single word
to sense the thought…
like…eternity and God.
Eskimos know life depends
on knowing snow drifting
from snow drift; falling
snow in storm…from slush.
So merely tell me…
only if you wish…
that I am in your life
more than anyone.

Bonnie Marshall
Art by Itaya


Young boy and young girl outdoors holding hands in a park

In Praise of Holding Hands

We sense intent
in a newborn’s grasp…
surprising strength…
instinctive…reaching out
for confirmation
of humanity.

So begin
synaptic pathways
for mindfulness of touch…
summoned remembrance
from deep realms of feeling…
lingering and sensate…
of those whose hands
we have truly held.

Bonnie Marshall


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