When She Began to Mourn

woman waiting

for tom

He left her by the women’s room
down at the Southland Mall.
When she came out he wasn’t there.
She waited by an elevator to the second floor
away from lavatory smells
of paper…disinfectant…soap.
He wouldn’t stand there either.
He’d stray for new tobacco.

So she bought coffee black
to sip hot bitterness,
found a vacant bench,
waited on her island
with shoppers washing by
to a KISS current
surface just below…
a peak of shout…a screech of child;
and then her panic struck.
She treaded tears…
imagined quick alone
without him.

Sorry hon… saw this for you.
Hope you like the color.

She held his hand
and would not let it go.

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Richard Diebenkorn


6 thoughts on “When She Began to Mourn

  1. Great imagery. I was getting anxious with the women in this poem…thank goodness he came back! 🙂

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