the sand man speaks


no more talk of dreams
that trailing…buzzing sound
dreamzzz is for another day
no more of sleepeee…drowseee
dilute diminutive  of  “e”
I’m sand man…I’m for sleep
that closing consonant
a “puh” as if…
to blow a candle out

no more talk of drugs
that slurring trick of alcohol
to stagger brain and tongue
masquerading…slumber thought
I’m sand man…I’m for sleep
to prompt light track circadian
to awake shining with the sun
and slumber deeply with the moon

no more talk of death…
some mornings I place evidence
just a tiny grit of tears
that there has been rehearsal
for certain submissive…loom, yet
I’m sand man…I’m for sleep
to rest you for the lighting
and the blazing of the flame

Bonnie Marshall

Art by J. R. R. Tolkien

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