along these lines of disbelief

suspend disbelief

along these lines of disbelief
I shall admit brief yearning to be
somewhere else not here…some other
time not now… for the momentary
suspend of my willing mind
to be a pretend instrument of art

so…I would be umbrella…opened
on a sound stage into pouring
rain…waltzed centrifugal
in circles…or…be coat rack
on Atlantic ocean liner…to be
twirled and whirled and edged
to horizontal… perpendicular,
master dancer improvised

or a D string…Stradivarius
pitched true and resonant
within spruce willow maple
to bow ethereal…
or whittled reed for oboe,
toned by embouchure and
authentic to remind me of
a primal ancestry…

or soot ponce arching visions
frescoed for a holy ceiling…
or a hammer ringing marble
from mountains in Carrara …
or a chisel… precise angled,
swimming surface… splashing dust…
sculpting whiteness to sublime

yet…here and now
I’ll wish and yearn…
suspend to minimal
to blue-black pen on paper…
pretend letters into words

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Duy Huynh

18 thoughts on “along these lines of disbelief

  1. Ah, another one of your poems that I can relate to. Especially today. Thank you for everything. Jan Barley

  2. This is a truly breathtaking poem Bonnie. I wish I could get notifications of your posts on my email instead of wading through the Reader every time…

      1. I appreciate that Bonnie but that is your personal email and not connected to WP. I requested email notification for yours and other blogs but they only appear in my Reader. Perhaps I need to get in touch with WP and find out why…thank you for your reply…

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