Mere Word Descants




Qu’est-ce que c’est?


What is it that it is…
what is it that it does
to so amuse my mind…

The look of it upon a page
is what the mimic letters do…
apostrophe and hyphenate
to facet play with syllables.

I love the sound of it
when it questions me.
I love to say it for pure joy
of its tantalizing pout
kissing air upon my tongue.

Yet…thinking it…
just thinking it …
opens for me deep wide prairies…
and blue extending sky
with cloud magic images…
frissons of curious.

Bonnie Marshall

Photographer: Aglae Bory
“Geometrie du Caoutchouc”
hot tea



is dance

your mind




Darjeeling tea


in a cup


to leaves…



a smooth stone

into a pool of blue

Esse comes from the Latin word “to be.” It has been in English since 1600.

Bonnie Marshall



salt shaker…saliera
she says it slowly
tasting salt upon her tongue
Italian words…phrases
on adhesive paper
she sticks on concrete nouns
in her silent house
to speak new language to her

an empty copper bowl..
citola di rame
a crystal vase in shadow…
un vaso di cristallo nelle ombre

as air grows stale
she wanders to a garden
snips lavender…lavanda
and lilacs…lilla
to place on a table set for one
tavolo da pranzo per uno

thinks of an abstract noun
tear drops…gocce di lacrima
she says it slowly
tasting salt upon her lips

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork Unknown
echo 1


the word breathes easily
fits in a sigh
three syllables…or two…
spirit us

invisible as silent prayer
or… shout it in a canyon
and listen for the echo

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Karolina Zglobicka

9 thoughts on “Mere Word Descants

  1. The atmospheres of language, evoking memories of wanderings…you offer so many and so much, all at once. Each and every one a tale of senses, a story spilling from your life into ours…I am…enchanted…

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