Oh, Best Beloved


Oh Best Beloved…so you
will see and understand,
you wear upon me as
soft denim to my hand.

The house of you I know
the blueprint of by heart…
a secret passageway,
and spaciousness of rooms.

Some urgence in your voice
when you call out my name
will rush me from Arcadia
to sate your needfulness.

For you…oh Best Beloved
are source…refreshing springs
to replenish my desire for
ardor brinked with kisses…
as limes…cut…salt edged
intensify sweet savor to my mouth,
and preordain eventual of thirst.


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Maria Primachenko




12 thoughts on “Oh, Best Beloved

  1. With an Arcadia just up the road, yr lovely sharing takes on but another facet..than the emotional & lyrical pulls that very much worked on me/ thanx, just the thing, this early morning

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