RockPaperScissors adam watland


in their ro-sham-bo of loving,

her paper lucid covers

his rock obstinance …

to turn his certainty of move

to a scissors cutting logic

‘gainst her counter rock endurance…

and they tie rock to rock for silence…

’til their comfort level deference

begins the game again


Bonnie Marshall


11 thoughts on “rock…paper…scissors…

  1. I started reading … this is interesting, I thought –

           blade through to sanity

           seance in a gallery
           to apprehend the tip

           when townies go to ground…
           small act of mercy …

    … well, it DID say: ‘FOR BROWSING …’

  2. i’d have thought the rock, scissors, paper game is an unlikely metaphor to use for a relationship, but then i read your poem. eons ago i was in a relationship of “rock to rock for silence.” awful experience!
    and then I grew up! (i think)

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