prayer flags

prayer flags larry louie

prayer flags fringe air…
they agitate in wind
and flutter edge their
repetition…incremental to
wellbeing across time and space

prayer flags pierce blue
sky distance with forest pine
poles, bark skinned to white…
they ground their tissue proxies
in stability of earth

prayer flags scatter blessings…
wisdom gifts of caution…
guides for a sentience of being
where ease displaces worry and
sweeps care from consciousness

Bonnie Marshall

Photography by Larry Louie

17 thoughts on “prayer flags

  1. Reblogged this on Ward Brent McBurney and commented:
    This is so seeming effortlessly good and lovely I cannot help myself but repost it. The author knows I do not leave by reflags up for long, and that that is no judgement. If I knew how to pray, I hope it would be like this …

  2. It’s growing! – –

    praying flags
    as foghorns locate place

    blade through to sanity

    seance in a gallery
    to apprehend the tip

    when townies go to ground…
    small act of mercy

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