to be gently wilded


to be gently wilded…
solitary walk a rooky wood
where sharp beaked crows
black purple blue…caw threats
and imprecations, and swoop
irritated branch to  branch–
stern monarchs of their territory

to be gently wilded…
shed the confining shoeness of
your city soul…tread barefoot-minded
silent on resilient soil where thought
breaks through awareness much as
pine trees lift to air…abandon memory
of rank orange rinds…scorch-ed coffee
paper shifting…plastic foam

to be gently wilded…
browse for mallow…lemoned clover
wade a moss slicked brook where
trout fingerlings dart frantic past
your toes…scrape the bank for silky
clay to smear your sweaty skin to
dry to dustiness…lie belly pressed
upon a granite boulder–solar warmed,
then tongue its mineral to taste
stars coalesced in space

to be gently wilded…
stay through evening…bear the chill
for remembrance of the sonar squeak
of nocturnal bats and the flutter hoots
of swivel headed owls and persistent
rustling in the brush of a restless fox


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Alice Marcella


4 thoughts on “to be gently wilded

  1. “shed the confining shoeness of your city soul”… my favorite line. I enjoyed. I’ve often wondered how some people can exist seemingly without notice or concept of the natural world. I feel so blessed that I am so attuned to nature. It offers us a chance to get out of our own heads which can be a blessed relief at times! Leo

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