a Picasso kind of love

picasso bullring

he says…
evaluate love’s edges of
juxtaposing angles…
estimate the length of
constricting planes…
judge shadow depth of
ardor in each new arena

he says…
be aware of ceremony,
private in a crowd of
deflowered expectations…
where brave costumes
paint stark nakedness

he says…
beware soft warm mouths
that speak barb-ed words…
watch from framing stands
a ritual catharsis where torn
shouldering–weakened tissue
of resolve–flutters banners of
defeat in a final agony of
spilled lust and love

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Pablo Picasso

25 thoughts on “a Picasso kind of love

  1. I’ve always (there’s that word) looked askance at Picasso. He seemed to ride on the cusp of culture…more adept than the common manipulators. I look at Guernica in wonder but then … he seemed so fond of the game. Maybe I’m wrong about the guy but there you have it…

    This one is toughened bread Bonnie…expertly sliced to matter.

      1. … how Picasso saw: ‘… angles…test certain edges … deflowered expectations…brave costumes paint nakedness…’; I saw all of those paintings (that I never really ‘get’ – but they’re famous, so I look at them often) and now I see they were a ‘cross-section’ of emotion, of love; I can see that now …

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