Limehouse Blues


Diebenkorn blue

There has to be fog in Limehouse
soft as whispers
trailing grayness
misting storefront windows
where old men sit at tables
still as crickets
when the mating season’s passed.

There have to be mirrors in Limehouse
above unnumbered doorways
so that restless evil spirits
drift unknowing by.

There must be a woman in Limehouse
gazing at a dresser top
where there’s an unlit lamp…
pink shade…red fringe.
She considers implications
of a single fortune cookie
upon a thin white saucer.


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

27 thoughts on “Limehouse Blues

  1. I love how the first lines completely draw you in. There must be fog in Limehouse, soft as whispers, trailing greyness. I can feel myself slipping through seeing what you are describing.

  2. Chinatowns in any city add up to some of my favorite memories but I’m only soaking up the atmosphere as I walk along the streets. You’ve taken me into those doorways I’ve always desired entrance into…thanks!

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