it’s a flipside circus day today


upside down


it’s a flipside circus day today
because the sky is yellow pink and
porch breezes smell of sawdust
and I crave sugar in my mouth…
and choose a daisy flowered top
and scotch plaid shorts…and
wear my brother’s too big nike’s
open just to hear the slap and
to feel small and sloppy

across the road the pekingese bark
tangle…dash bossy after chitter
squirrels that bound to trunks and acrobat
from limb to limb in aerial disdain,
cross purpose to blue flash swallows
that glide butterflies from air

the water man…strong man…he
lugs bottled springs from mountains
to my house…his radio blasts beatles’
they are the eggmen…I am the walrus,
and mrs stillmore hangs her
bras and panties on a wire
between her dwarf magnolias

Bonnie Marshall

Artist Unknown

21 thoughts on “it’s a flipside circus day today

      1. Sorry, no, the first part of your poem was so surreal and beautiful that it reminded me powerfully of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

  1. Bonnie, you’ve made another entry into my ‘others’ page (not quite a reblog, but better); this is what I commented:

    “this is a wonderful ‘scape, right here in front of you – from mind to sky to porch to road to street to smile, with all manner of obtuse-angle movement and colour and music that just keeps opening and opening … a wonderful 21st century echo of WCW”

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