so tight a frame

ethereal berndnaut smilde

so tight a frame encloses me
I cannot…sometimes breathe
through strictures into free

for its six planes of miming air
all hedge me from a touch of
even thinnest window glass
to shatter as a choice

more ambient than substance
more neon glow encased
more galvanic spark aurora
more atmospheric edge

ethereal…its framed presence
sensed…netherworld embrace
at once availing and restricting
ipseity…of fierce held sheltering

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Berndnaut Smilde

25 thoughts on “so tight a frame

      1. Reading and listening are different pathways in the mind and are different experiences – both good. And I only heard the words, the the clicks and pops…

  1. That is such a perfect encapsulation of how the mind feels within the confines of the body. The line structure and cadence made me feel constrained and so the poem brought about a physical sensation of constraint, which is very well worked. This put me in mind of Renaissance metaphysical poetry; brilliantly worked poetic skill.

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