blood moon flower

moon flower

it should be enough breeze
from across the moon lit lake
to cool wetness of her heating
as barefoot…flushed…blushed
from hot sheet tumbling
she waded thigh deep on rounded
granite stones slippery with moss

she cupped moon dashed water
across her face and breasts
until the hormones racing
in her blood subsided…
to pulse regular like lake wash
lapping reed edged shore

cool loon cries
slipped to her ears
and a rising breeze
chilled her skin to prickles,
yet she held these moments…
sensed their waning moon phase,
touched their red remembrance
and anticipated sleep

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Odilon Redon


14 thoughts on “blood moon flower

  1. I notice that Carolin has already mentioned the phrase, “Moon dashed water.” But I am equally taken with it, and with the way you describe this “moon phase” in a woman’s life. Lovely.

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