into a flight of arcane meaningless

matisse spiral

should it be arcane to think Fibonacci numbers
push to inevitable distance…inexorable with
pregnancy of thought…then I shall gladly play
that hand…though no mathematician I to
cover walls with numbers spiraled for design

content am I to diddle solitaire progression
of numbered cards upon a plane for nothing
is at stake…neither wealth nor fame nor love
for it is abstraction distraction’s swirling center
emptiness of real

content am I to count knives and forks and spoons
into a sectioned drawer…not toss them disarrayed
onto my kitchen table in a heap of tangled angles
of imprecision  art…content am I to think myself
into a flight of  arcane meaningless


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Henri Matisse
“Golden Rectangle” Antonio Gutierrez


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