the complex easy

diebenkorn 1968 seated woman

he sketched her…soft grounded her dark
to pale from his pen…from his spider brain…
and I procured a  numbered print of her
to hang spot lit in the downstairs hall…

his face turned slouching woman… awkward
back stretch angled on rectangles of chair

I recess lit her stark frameless to
a cream white wall…and for a month
or two we lived together…amiably
and then began disquiet for I
no longer studied her…no longer
lit or looked at her

I could not hum mutter whistle her
being present simple in my complexities
of wrinkled cotton islands on wood dusty
floors, my mismatched shoes upon the
stairs…my stale racked stacked emails
my listless voice-ed messages cued
faceless in my cell

she haunted me…and then epiphany…
I turned her almost upside down…
spilled her comfortable into the complex
easy of my life

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

10 thoughts on “the complex easy

  1. Glorious: Bonnie, you are getting better and better, something that I did not feel was necessary or called for — this is a glorious poem.

    1. Thank you so much, Ward. This is a very lazy weekend for me and I almost worded the last line, “into the easy lazy of my life” It would have worked, too. Smiles, dear friend.

  2. “spilled her comfortable into the complex
    easy of my life”

    This poem resolves with the hardest whip dash at the very end that I can imagine. Beautiful!

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