The Arsenic Hour


Go draw the window curtains,
for it’s the arsenic hour
when sad memories make visits,
and wait for us to answer
their knocks upon the door.

They mustn’t know we’re home,
so click off all the music…
turn pictures to the wall…
sit motionless with cushions.

For they will test the door locks,
peer through the window shades,
and listen for the sounds
of footsteps on the stairs.

Bonnie Marshall


Artwork by Louis le Brocquy

17 thoughts on “The Arsenic Hour

      1. If I’d written anything of this caliber I’d hold up a sign, heck wear a T-shirt, proclaiming it! Superb. This is a winner.

      2. I wouldn’t wax so lyrical but I read large quantities of poetry and yours is hands over fists ones of the very, very best I ever have read. I hope you publish it. It’s extremely good.

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