as at a birthing

john singer sargent bedroom window

spread day clean within your mind…
unfold it into waves of knowing
from first waking to the geometry
of room…of so many rectangles
predictable in place behind the clutter

rouse day with frequency of sounds
of wind in trees…of traffic motor rub;
enact the pretense it is waves abrading
shore…a white noise wash irregular
as driftwood of first thoughts

smooth initial moments…lift
them…easy…to shower warmth
then rough cotton them to life
as at a birthing


Bonnie Marshall
Art by John Singer Sargent

8 thoughts on “as at a birthing

  1. I love the new site theme and to use Singer Sargent is always a beautiful choice…he is my favorite painter.

    A “white noise wash”…what a beautiful metaphor…

  2. i like very much how the poem, itself, unfolds, especially with the first stanza’s geometry. and thanks for introducing to me the notion that each morning is a kind of birthing. thanks also for “the traffic motor rub” — such a delightful image which also foreshadows the “rough cotton” image near the end. this such an accomplished work.

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