for deep need of edges

francois knopf castle cat

and…we shall go to someplace
by the sea for deep need of edges
there…having swung long in days
cocooned and rocked in space
of seconds…minutes…hours
of our forwarding in time

and…we shall listen to the cat
and regulate our breathing
to nothing but its purr…
blur our sensing to its
mesmerizing burr against
our knowing metronome

and…we shall dismiss
chance rice cake words,
so devoid of season to the
tasting of our thoughts…and
we shall seek only limits to
our consciousness of touch

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Francois Knopf


19 thoughts on “for deep need of edges

  1. Bonnie; I took the hint at the top of your page … ‘Browse …’ and look what I found:

    the silence between words
    a Picasso kind of love

    so tight a frame
    my skeleton and I … we dance

    In the House of Fortune
    Two Angels Walk Into a Bar

    moaning of the turtle:
    I shall transfigure …

    When Starlings Fall
    my star is in Electra

  2. Bonnie,

    “and…we shall listen to the cat
    and regulate our breathing
    to nothing but its purr…”

    is like a magic incantation that took me from where I was to where you were. And i can still hear that cat…

    Thank you, dear! This is so beautiful.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, ma’am. I haven’t read your poems in a very long time, but this is an absolutely beautiful poem and you are a beautiful and talented writer. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  4. the poem comes across like a beautiful anthem to urge one to live as fully as one can. and i actually taste the styrofoam in “rice cake words.” it’s such a fine poem.

    1. Must confess, Michael, that I’m easily distracted these days, yet your so welcome and carefully thought through comments send me back into writing poetry again. I’m very grateful.

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