imperfect arabesque

acrobat-on-tightrope-henri-de-toulouse-lautrec (1)

murmur laughter call-outs purled
and swirled her periphery…where
chromatic images blurred vision
field to fog…dry-grass apples night

the high wire spindled space
beneath the plexus of her feet
for transition of a plane
beyond compress-ed gravity

the lifting of her arms…was all
for palming of the air to balance
accounting  compass of her orient
without pretense net…without prop
of attitude for imperfect arabesque


Bonnie Marshall

Art by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

8 thoughts on “imperfect arabesque

  1. thanks for the audio file, which is so interesting.

    well, she is up there, trying to ignore the “laughter” and the “call-outs,” trying to focus on keeping her balance, aided by her “palming the air,…without prop of attitude.” her difficult feat is something like writing a good poem.

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