interstice pyramid-cutaway

to think ancient Egyptian worldview
is to sense true otherness…informed, I
think, by happenstance of a fertile river
flooding lifebloom across a desert plane

no wonder they plundered Nubian
mines for veins of gold to shine like
sun on desiccated bodies resin wrapped
and carried through interstice to a realm
of dark inundated chambers

for they could think dimension…inner
outer…space of four triangles set on a
square into the air where depth is afterlife
and length is life and height is aspiration

Bonnie Marshall

Plate: Great  Pyramid Diagram by Charles Piazzi Symthe, 1877

17 thoughts on “interstice

  1. We become blasè about all the familiar images and names. We are mayflies compared to that long breath of summer gold, hammered between sand and stars, a seeping arc of whispered magic, rumbled with the in and out of inundation and a yearning for eternity.

  2. “flooding lifeblood” …. “dark inundated chambers” … “they could think dimension” … marvellous stuff, Bonnie.

  3. I lived in Egypt for a short time and you have caught the mystery and oddness of their worldview perfectly! Lovely as always!

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