facade and a space

Edward Hopper

equilibrium…for balance I shall raise my arms
to both sides of a narrow hall…touch horizontal
dimensions of dark passage there

suspicion…of lacunae within rooms I would
open…enter…dread they are mere frame facade
of a cosmic movie set…where I shall fall onto
a dry and dusty street below

caution…I stop…hear scurry scratching feet,
smell damp must…press bare toes into soft
sponge of rot…touch fur of mold beneath
my fingertips

and final implication of doing nothing,
as if I am already in my tomb…already
seeping eventual…decaying elemental,
fading to oblivion…and anyhow…anyhow

there is music behind a doorway and brave
shouts of ecstasy and laughter…deep sobs,
and I…destined and compelled…eager and
willingly compliant enter on my cue

by Bonnie Marshall

Art by Edward Hopper

16 thoughts on “facade and a space

  1. Oh my Bonnie… the picture, the scene…I’m left with feelings all over the place reading this and listening to any little twig snap my radar is synapsing. Hearing your voice deepens the “lacunae” of your so able storytelling….

  2. First off, congratulations on finding a Hopper I had never seen before, or at least cannot remember seeing.

    This is a beautiful poem, full of anticipation and dread, yet great courage too. Yeah, though we all…I hope I shall fear no evil too.


    1. Glad you like the Hopper…first I write a poem’s draft or two or…and then search for illustration that will not simply mirror it. I was fortunate here to find ideas that bounced off each other. Thank you, John. Very much.

  3. “willingly compliant” — how often i find myself in that situation. it’s wonderful how the your poem plays off of hopper’s painting. i can only imagine the hours of crafting you’ve done on this piece.

    1. I’m grateful you sense the time…so long trying to find a painting after I wrote it, for at first I found a picture of a Hollywood backlot…didn’t work. Please know how much I appreciate the time you spend responding. Smiles…

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