heart condition

boat-in-harbour-brittany-1929 christopher wood

ellipsis…I pause eclipse a thought

with sweat beads

of think drip

ellipsis…I hesitate idea

and leave behind a

snail trail semaphore

ellipsis…I sail a breezy lift

for a slip sigh wave break

or a hull…slap…hand

ellipsis…my offbeat poem heart



Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Christopher Wood, 1929
“Boat in Harbor, Brittany”



ancient in me is a Viking nature

viking nicholas roerich 1918

ancient in me is a Viking nature
its chords are in the sinews of my hand
a brief tendency to claw I tender touch
a raw inheritance…a boon to thought

for days when breeze is from the north
I am drawn to roughness and to vagrancy
I know the urgency of sail with sea wind
bass keel push…moaning of the hull

then it is I exit through low windows
choose rain pooled muddy trails
gnaw on wintergreen and sorrel
climb mulberry…cram fulsome to
my mouth its sour sweet stain


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Nicholas Roerich

dream laundry on a line

laundry lois dodd

catch at dreamscape
slip it…sketch and patch
it into mind fullness

attach its shimmer
much as laundry on a line
fresh aired for use fullness

fold it…name it
for  the hell…delight of it
to be universal wise with it

this humanity of  nakedness
and tests you didn’t study for
and getting lost in castles
and skin shedding snakes
and smiles with missing teeth
and falling from Niagara

and lucid flying…stretch
lift and drift and soar
above its life dream fullness


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Lois Dodd